6 Tips on How to Get Ready for the Fall Dress Season

With the fall really having its effect right now, you should make the necessary changes to adapt to the weather. However, that does not necessarily mean that you should throw your summer ensemble. In fact, it’s possible for you to wear all your summer dresses. With the right modifications, they would be perfect for the autumn climate.

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Whether you want to be “in” no matter what the season or simply wear what feels most comfortable, there is a fall outfit that would work for you. Check out these super tips on how you can get yourself appropriately dressed for the fall dress season!

1. Match Your Summer Dress with a Warm-Colored Bolero

There are colors naturally associated with summer or spring that would make it seem that all your bright-colored dresses have to rot in the closet until after winter. Don’t fret! There are simple solutions such as simply adding a bolero to your outfit—you will not look out of place for the whole season.


Moreover, the weather becomes more chilly in fall, and much more so as it ends. Your bolero can keep you warm, at least for the beginning of the season. Look great and fashionable with your summer dress, even in fall.

2. Wear Your Favorite Tights Under the Dress

As winter nears, you’ll definitely need more than a bolero. If you have medium-sleeved dress, you’ll be glad to know that can look great with tights. The good news is that these babies are very affordable—you can get them for $6 to $15 a pop.

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Choose one with a neutral or dark color pair it with your favorite dress. Do not be afraid to experiment in the colors. Prioritize gray tights, because that looks good with almost anything.

3. Go for Printed Dresses with Fall-Friendly Patterns

As dark colors like the reds and the blues are more fitting for the fall season, you may want to get dresses having these colors. For some time, unless you can match it with bolero or tights, you may want to avoid cheerful floral patterns, and other loud prints.


You can try those having a dark background to the pattern. The rich texture of your apparel would contrast the cool weather you are experiencing right now.

4. Dress Fabrics Matter Too

As you aim to also feel comfortable in your dress, you may want to try dresses made with cotton or with lace. Everyone loves silk, but that fabric is simply too light for fall. The right fabrics can help you survive the cooling brought about by fall and winter, while still letting you rock your look.

5. Put a Scarf on It

During fall, you are advised to wear clothes with a higher neckline, like the turtlenecks and the cowl-necks. In the absence of these stuff, you can just put a scarf on your outfit. It adds texture and heaviness to the whole outfit, and saves you from the chilling sensation at the same time. Besides, no one wears a scarf and doesn’t look fabulous…

6. Add a Dark-Colored Trench Coat

The good news is that a trench coat goes well with everything. The better news that it’s like having two outfits in one. Wear it in a way that people can still see what is under, or have it totally closed when you are feeling chilly. Purchase one in a darker neutral color to match the autumn color scheme, while still wearing your summer dress under. This is so easy to pull off that you’ll never keep looking at the mirror to see if your outfit looks good!


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With the right accessories, you can wear your summer dresses in fall. But if you have the cash, buy new ones and just be done with it. Either way, have fun with choosing your outfits and look fabulous the rest of the season!

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